At Luxury Management Group, we believe that a brand’s quality dialogue directed toward individual targets generates an emotional connection. We also believe that education through tangible activities creates thought-provoking personal engagement. The synergy of our services of Hands-On Instruction and Hard-Marketing Creativities produces strong brand loyalty and advocacy.


Luxury Consultancy

Luxury Management Group offers counsel to clients who seek to give their brands more substantive premium cues that connect with the Luxury consumer. LMG reviews packaging, brand advertising, public relations, social media and direct mail materials and specifies recommendations on how to achieve more effective, premium imagery.

Luxury Training

Luxury Management Group provides training to all levels of an organization on topics including defining Luxury and its cues, the new Luxury consumer, Luxury in practice, and selling Luxury. LMG also coaches executives on how best to reflect their company’s image by being a better presenter and media spokesperson.


Entertainment & Influencer Marketing

Luxury Management Group crafts premium brand imagery that speaks to entertainment and other key Influencers.

Our Entertainment Marketing efforts personally reach image-conscious Hollywood Influencers contributing to enhanced general consumer perception nationwide and worldwide through entertainment press coverage and social media.

In addition to acting as Luxury brand representatives for its clients, LMG’s Influencer Marketing efforts foster Luxury brand imagery and create greater brand emotional connections with local Influencers.

Product Placement & Integration

In today’s world, consumers challenge brands to find new ways to reach them with their messages. Many Influencers are savvy and non-responsive to traditional marketing and advertising tactics. Product Placement and Product Integration are increasingly becoming a key avenue and platform by which brands reach their target audiences in more authentic and organic ways.  The foundation of LMG’s approach to securing placements is through the strong relationships it has cultivated with production companies and studios.  LMG strives to secure quality placements and negotiates the greatest value for its clients.